Photo Restoration

restore. preserve. enjoy.

Whether you have an old family heirloom, or a new photo that needs to be retouched, Allied Digital Photo has the talent to handle the job. We can fix cracked, torn, faded, burnt, and water damaged images bringing them back to life.

If your picture is in great shape, but not the shot you want, we can fix that too! We can remove unwanted people from portraits, change the color of a dress, or remove clutter from the background.

restoration before and after
Restoration sample 1
Restoration sample 2
Restoration sample 3
Restoration sample 4

Pricing for our restoration services is $60 per hour with a 15 minute minimum. Every picture is unique so we'll need to see it to give an accurate quote. Scanning fees may apply.

Sample Rates

Portrait Retouch
$10 per face
Head swaps
$10 per head
Add or remove person
$15 per person
Colorize a photo
Repair damage