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Scanning is the least fun part of photography. Let us do it for you.

Prints & Artwork  Negatives & Film  Media Options

Prints and Artwork


Bulk Photograph Scans  Wallets to 8x12 size photos @ 600 dpi

20-99 prints .49 each
100-199 prints .39 each
200+ prints .29 each

There is $10 minimum charge for our bulk scannning service. Check out Flatbed scanning prices if you have a small amount of items to be scanned.

old photos

Flatbed Scanning High quality flatbed scans @ 600 dpi

up to 5x7 2.00 each
up to 8.5x11 5.00 each
up to 12x17 12.00 each
Larger than 12x17 15.00 / ft2

Media Options

Film Scanning

Standard Resolution - Prints up to 5x7, Viewing on a screen, and Slideshows.

Hi-Res - Prints 20x30 and larger, Archiving, and Restoration. Includes basic dust removal.

35mm film

35mm Negatives, APS, 110 film 

35mm negatives, APS, 110 film Standard Hi-Res
One Frame From a Strip .49 4.00
Uncut Rolls 4.00  9.99

Slide Scanning

We can scan any size film in the standard 2x2" paper or plastic mount.

Slides Standard
≈2500 dpi
5000 dpi
1-49 .99 4.00
50-99 .89 3.75
100-199 .79 3.50
200-499 .69 3.25
500-999 .59 3.00
1000+ .49 2.80
old film

Medium and Large Format Film Scanning

Any piece of film up to the standard 6x9cm 120 film size is considered medium format. This includes single cut frames of 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 35mm, 126, 127, and a whole bunch more sizes that existed in the last 100 years. Anything larger than 6x9cm is considered large format.

Medium Format Standard
600 dpi
2400 dpi
Per Frame 2.00 3.00
120 Per Roll 10.99 19.99
220 Per Roll 19.99 29.99

Large format sizes include transparancies & negatives of 4x5 in, 8x10 in, 6x12 cm, 6x17 cm, and panoramic 35mm film. We can also scan film from old brownie cameras such as 616 film and 620 film.

Large Format Standard
600 dpi
2400 dpi
620 Film & 616 Film 2.00 4.00
4x5 Film & Panoramic 120 4.00 6.00
8x10 Film 8.00 12.00

Media Options

Media Options

Choose how you would like your digital files returned to you.

All scan orders will be saved to media as a high quality JPEG file. Flatbed scans and Hi-Res film scans can be returned as TIFF files on request.


Thousands of pictures
Best archival format

USB Flash Drive
16GB – 64GB

Thousands of pictures
Can be added to over time

Bring in your own media

We will copy the digital files onto your USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, or portable Hard Drive for no charge.

Digital Delivery

Your files will be available on our website for easy viewing, printing, sharing, and downloading.